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Best Portable Generator Reviews 2017

Are you searching for a generator or looking for advice on how to purchase the model that best suits you? You are in the right place. However, there is no one-size-fits-all; it depends on your intended use, the amount of money you want to spend and the type of appliances you intend to power. So, consider the power requirements of your devices; buy the unit that delivers slightly more power than your total energy needs. Additionally, if you are going to use your generator for camping purposes, a noiseless and portable unit is ideal. For backup purposes purchase the generator that can support all the appliances in your home till the utility power is restored. 

In the following portable generator reviews we will answer these and other questions, presenting you some of the best portable generators currently being on sale. After countless hours of research we have selected 5 models which according to our knowledge and experience can truly compete for the title of the best portable generator. Have a look at the comparison table below for the brief comparison of their features and specifications.

5 Top Rated Portable Generators Reviewed

Weight Our
WEN-56180 Best Portable Generator ReviewsWEN 561801800Watts50poundsRating:9/10
WEN-56200i Best Portable Generator ReviewsWEN 56200i2000Watts48poundsRating:9/10
Champion-Power-Equipment-73536i-2000 Best Portable Generator ReviewsChampion 75537i 3100Watts95poundsRating:8.5/10
PowerPro-56101 Best Portable Generator ReviewsPowerPro 561011000Watts35.5poundsRating:8.5/10
DuroMax-XP4400E Best Portable Generator ReviewsDuroMax XP4400E4400Watts120poundsRating:7.5/10

1.Best Portable Generator – WEN 56180


WEN 56180 is compact and lightweight. It weighs in at 50 pounds and measures 19.9 inches long, 17.1 inches high and 15.9 inches wide, and hence is among the best quiet portable generators in the market. The model is easy to transport and as such is ideal for camping,RV and tailgating. With its 1500W running and 1800 W, surge power, WEN 56180 provides enough power for virtually all your camping needs or to run your essential appliances during blackouts. 

20170528010900_70193 Best Portable Generator Reviews

High Fuel Efficiency

The generator has a 4-stroke, overhead valve (OHV) engine that delivers outstanding fuel efficiency. Additionally, WEN 56180 comes with a 1.45-gallon gas tank, and 13.5 ounces oil reservoir, enough to power your generator for up to 7.5 hours at 50 percent load. So, besides saving money on its initial cost, you will also save on fuel usage. In addition to its impressive fuel efficiency, the engine outputs 98cc of power, while its inbuilt air cooling system regulates temperature, further making the model efficient.

CARB Compliant

The fact WEN 55180 is CARB and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) III complainant means it meets all EPA quality standards and does not emit harmful gases into the environment. CARB (California Air Resources Board) sets emission regulations and certifies the generators that meet its standards. You can, therefore, use it legally in any of the 50 states. So, if you are looking for the generator that you can use it to camp in any forest, just buy this WEN model and enjoy your camping in any of your dream location. Using a CARB compliant model means you are not contributing to carbon footprint in the environment. 

Safety Features

The unit incorporates a broad range of security measures that includes spark arrestors and low-oil shutdown. The former prevents sparks from leaving your generator facilitating safe use in forests and national parks. Low-oil shutdown, on the other hand, protects the engine from damaging due to extremely low oil levels. Since safety is paramount, these measures are crucial; they ensure your unit will serve its purpose for a long time thus providing value for money. 

• The generator comes with two 120 Volts, 12.5A AC power, a handy cigarette lighter and one 3-prong wall sockets
• It contains an intelligent voltage regulator that adjusts the power it outputs according to the load for increased fuel efficiency.
• The power this generator delivers is enough to power different household and camping appliances such as sump pump, microwave, refrigerator, computer and much more.

• The power it provides may not be enough to support all the appliances in huge households

2.Best Quiet Portable Generator WEN 56200i

Clean Power

WEN 56200i produces clean power free of undesirable voltage drops and spikes. The power it outputs is near pure sine wave power and hence limits harmonic distortions to less than 0.3 percent when running under no load and 1.2 percent on full load. Such a clean can comfortably power laptops, monitors, tablets, cell phones, and other sensitive electronics. Consequently, you will use the model to power all your electronic devices; the normal as well as those vulnerable appliances.20170528013616_52553 Best Portable Generator Reviews

Quiet Operation

This generator provides a silent operation, at 51 decibels, allowing you to use it in residential settings or even close to premises where excessive noise is prohibited. If you need a model that you can use for camping in a remote location with several other tailgaters nearby, this model is ideal for you. The noise it produces is comparable to the ordinary conversation and hence won’t disturb your neighbors at all. 

Eco-Mode Technology

WEN 56200i’s advanced Eco Mode technology allows the motor to adjust its fuel economy automatically according to the connected load. Unlike other generator models, its motor does not run at constant speed at all times. Any time you plug or unplug a gadget to the panel, the generator changes its fuel consumption, thus minimizing wastage. Consequently, the gasoline it uses depends on the load you connect to its panel.

Overload Protection

In addition to low-fuel and low-oil automatic shutdown system, the generator comes with indication lights and overload protection system. Running the generator on extremely low oil and fuel levels is not advisable. The display allows you to monitor various meter values, and organize for a refill at the right time. The safety mechanisms, on the other hand, safeguard both your appliances and your generator from accidental damage. 

• You can easily connect two WEN 56200i models using a parallel kit to produce more power and to share the wattage among several units.
• The unit comes with a one-gallon fuel tank, capable of providing complete backup power lasting up to 6 hours at 50 percent load.
• This inverter generator comes with a 2-year warranty in addition to a nationwide team of expert technicians.

• The price, though justified by its performance, is slightly on the upper side.

• You purchase separately the parallel kit necessary to link up two identical units.

3.The Safest  Portable Generators – Champion Power Equipment 75537i

Wireless Remote

Start and stop up to 80 ft. away and operates at a quiet 58 dBA, great for RVs, campsites, cabins and more.

The unit, driven by powerful 80cc (cubic centimeter) single cylinder, 4-stroke OHV engine, is designed to support 120 V AC Single Phase electric loads at 60 Hz.3100 starting watts and 2800 running watts, enough for various appliances, including a fridge, microwave, and your audio/video system. The power it outputs is also clean and hence can support sensitive devices.20170528013657_27427 Best Portable Generator Reviews

Impressive Runtime

Equipped with a one-gallon fuel tank, this gas powered model provides excellent fuel efficiency. It can operate for a maximum of 8 hours on a quarter loads. The generator further has 12V DC outlets, appropriate for charging automotive type batteries. The 12 Volts DC charging cable necessary for this purpose comes with the initial package. The generator is also lightweight and quiet meaning you can use it for weekend outings in packed sites.

Engine Protection

Are you looking for a generator with exceptional engine protection? Champion 75537i Inverter Generator is ideal for you. It comes with low-oil shut-off sensor; when the oil is nearing exhaustion, the engine shuts down automatically. Besides, it features Oil Warning Lights, on the panel turn on, which enables you to monitor the level of oil conveniently. The engine stops running automatically when the indicator is on. The fact it cuts the power to its receptacle whenever it detects an overload imply you can’t unintentionally destroy unit by connecting the excessive load.


• Wireless Remote Start

• The generator provides high fuel efficiency and outputs clean power.
• The unit is available at a reasonable price for its high performance and safety features.

4. Easy To Use – PowerPro 56101

Many different outlets

This two horsepower, two-stroke engine generator contains two unique types of receptacles. The first, a single 5-20R receptacle, allows you to utilize the continuous 7.5 A and 8.3 A surge power. Such an impressive output power level can run various tools whose total power requirements don’t exceed 900 Watts. The second is a 12 V outlet suitable for charging batteries. This receptacle delivers up to 100 W of charging capacity.20170528013804_35916 Best Portable Generator Reviews

Compact Size

The PowerPro is a portable generator whose total size is slightly over one cubic foot; it measures 13.5 inches high by 14 long by 12 inches wide and weighs in at 35.5 pounds only. The generator is, therefore, adequately portable for tailgating, camping and use to power tools in remote locations; it is your ideal generator for RV. You can take it to any remote location, say, to electrical power tools, appliances and much more. Even with a full tank, the unit is still light enough (42 pounds) for one person to handle. 

User-friendly Control Panel

The control panel, located one side, is very expedient to read. When facing the display board, the voltmeter lies conveniently to your top left. Right below the voltmeter, on your left-hand side, is the 120V circuit breaker, while the three-prong 120 V outlet lies right below the circuit breaker. You can, therefore, easily monitor generator readings and operate the circuit breaker from one position.

• It utilizes an oil/gas fuel blend for lubrication and as such does not require oil changes • PowerPro 56101 is EPA and CARB compliant, and as such, you can use it in any of the 50 states • The package includes battery charging cables; you don’t have to spend extra money buying this crucial appliance.

• The one-year limited warranty PowerPro 56101 comes with is shorter than those of other models in the market.

5.High Output – DuroMax XP4400E

High capacity fuel tank 

DuroMax XP4400E, which outputs a commendable 4400 W surge and 3500 W running, comes with a 4-gallon fuel tank. This tank capacity is by far larger than most conventional generators. So, at half load, this unit will supply you with its substantial power for up to 8 hours with a single full tank. If you, therefore, intend to use your generator for backup purposes, during a power failure, this runtime enough time for the utilities to restore power. 20170528013925_30794 Best Portable Generator Reviews

Electric Key Start

Unlike pull-start system, this mechanism makes it very easy to start your generator. You only turn on the key, just like you would in a car and your generator starts running. Surprisingly, the battery you need for this function is included in the package. Note, though that the pull start mechanism is available so that even if the dedicated battery fails, you can still use the generator.

Several Outlets

Several different outlets allow you to power various appliances concurrently. DuroMax XP4400E does not disappoint in this aspect in that it includes two 120 Volts, 3-amperes, 3-prong outlets; one 120/240 Volts, 30-ampere twist-lock as well as a 12 Volts 10-ampere utility outlet. Consequently, you can conveniently use this model to support diverse appliances. You can also best utilize the wattage by spreading the load among your electronics.

Uses a Muffler

By incorporating a big muffler in its operation, this model provides a quiet operation better than many other low-quality generators in the market. Traditional generators run so noisily you must house them some distance from your home to avoid annoying your neighbors or even interfering with sound sleep. So, if you want the unit you can use to run fans at night, DuroMax XP4400E is ideal for you.

• The Generator has EPA approval meaning it does not emit harmful exhaust gases and hence its use preserves the environment.
• The model features automatic low-oil shut-off mechanism and hence safeguards against the damaging effects of too little oil.
• The electric start means starting the generator is convenient and simple

• It is not CARB compliant meaning California residents may not be able to use the model 

•Too heavy,120 Pound


Generators provide very many benefits. They can power your appliances during blackouts, support tailgating electronics and can even give you independence from the national grid.Use the buying guide above, when shopping for one to ensure you get the unit that best suit you. The above models have the necessary features to suit different applications.

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