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Best Farm Generators For Sale

Best Farm Generators For Sale

A generator is a transducer that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy using the concept of electromagnetic induction. Here, we aren’t going to discuss about any generator but rather focus on farm generators. We shall also consider in particular some of the best farm generators for sale

Why do a farm need a generator? 

Nowadays, almost every farming activity require power to operate thus a need for a reliable power supply. This is to make sure the production process runs smoothly without any interruptions. To achieve this, a farm generator is required. It’s useful in the following ways: 

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1. Providing a backup power. 

In case of power blackout, farm generators provide standby power and thus guaranteeing continuous supply of electricity. This ensures no farming procedure is sabotaged especially those that require power for their operation. On a large scale, lack of power even for a small period of time, would translate to great economic loss to a farm. This explains why a farm generator is very crucial to any farm. 

2. Power in areas not connected to national grid.

 A farm generator ensures that farm located in areas with no electricity are still in a position to run farm machinery that require electricity. In absence of this generators, these farms’ production activities would probably be manual based which is less economical. 

3. In large farms, there may be set limits of amount of power which this farm should not exceed.

It is possible to find farms that require more power beyond the set amount. To overcome this limitation, farm generators are used to suffice this deficit. 

Power demand to run farm machineries is definitely one the factors considered when choosing a farm generator. A large farm would opt for a generator that provides a great number of watts of power and thus meeting its power requirement. A small farm is vice versa of this. 

In that connection we shift our focus in discussing the various common farm generators based on their power output. 

3000 Watt Farm Generator

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In this category we are going to narrow down into Briggs and Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart. This farm generator has the following features: 

• Briggs and Stratton engine of OHV 171cc 

• Supply of 120V AC outlet and 12V DC outlet. 

• Fuel tank of capacity 1.5 Gallon and can provide continuous power supply for a maximum of 10 hours at 25% load

• Has unit weight of 85 lbs 

• Warranty period- 24 months 

• Has a fuel gauge 

• Both H-Handle and Telescoping Handle 

• 6 solid wheels 

• Start type-recoil 

Low oil shutdown protectio

• Permanent magnet alternator 

• Wheel type-never go flat 

This generator has the following advantages: 

1. Easily portable– The wheels and telescopic handle make it easy to move the generator. Its portability feature is attributed also due to the fact that it is relatively light.

 2. The generator has Quiet Power Technology that enable the user to minimize noise pollution, regulating speed of engine as well as reducing fuel consumption making the generator run for a longer period of time. 

3. Has LCD screen that provide important feedback to the user on power consumption, time the generator will run as per the current amount of fuel present and reminding the user on maintenance of the generator. 

4. The connector port feature enables the user to plug in two Power Smart Series inverter thus more power output. 

5. It alerts the user on overloading of the generator which may damage it. 

3500 Watt Farm Generators 

20170705134620_46641 Best Farm Generators For Sale

We will entirely focus on Champion Power Equipment 46539 3500 Watt RV Ready Portable Generator with Wireless Remote Starter.

This farm generator has the following features: 

• Steel frame which is durable in nature

 • Fuel tank with capacity of 3.8 Gallon/ 14.4 litres 

• Runs up to 12 hours when the tank is full 

• Fuel type- gas 

• Has weight of 124.6 lbs

 • Start type- wireless remote/ electrical/ recoil 

• Has 30A RV Ready outlet

 • An engine of 196cc 

• Noise level- 68dBA from 23ft

Benefits of having this using this generator includes: 

1. The steel frame makes it more durable by protecting the device from physical damage on all sides. 

2. Easily portable as the user is only required to hold the handles with tires at time of transport. 

3. It’s Cold Start Technology which enables the generator to start and run during cold seasons. 

4. Has a Volt Guard which protects the device from large voltage fluctuations which may destroy the generator. 

5. Its digital display monitors key information about the generator such as the power voltage and frequency. 

4500 Watt Farm Generators

20170705132540_11268 Best Farm Generators For Sale

We will discuss about DuroMax Elite MX4500E, 3500 Running Watts/4500 Starting Watts

Below are its features: 

• Fuel type- gas • Automatic idle control 

• Has an output of 3500-4500 Watts 

• Has a 7.0 horse power 

• Fuel tank capacity of 4 Gallons 

• Noise level-69ddBA 

• Voltage of 12V DC and 120-240V AC

 • 1 year factory warranty 

• Has a Full Power Panel which constitutes of RV switch, circuit breaker, engine shutoff switch, voltmeter and fully protected outlet. 

This generator has the following advantages: 

1. Both noise level and fuel consumption are reduced since the generator has an Automatic Idle Control that ensures RPM is at a steady level even when the generator is heavily loaded. 

2. Also the Super-Quiet Muffler feature helps in a great way in noise reduction caused by generator’s engine. 

3. Has a durable engine which explains the reason for its long lifespan. 

4. Has a running wattage of 3500 enabling it to easily deal with appliances that require small power in order to operate. 

5. The fact this generator has 4500 starting wattage makes it possible to serve several devices without necessarily overloading it. 
6. Its large fuel tank size of 4 gallon is an added advantage since the generator can run for a long time before being refilled. 
7. Has an electric start button which is convenient for the user unlike other generators where one has to pull a cord to trigger the motor. 

8. Uses gasoline as fuel making it convenient as this type of fuel is easily available at any service station. 

From the three types of generators discussed we can conclude that Champion Power Equipment 46539 3500Watt RV Ready Portable Generator with Wireless Remote Start is the best portable generator. 

This is according to Best Portable Generator Reviews 2017

Any user should be careful on choosing the right farm generator based on one’s power specifications and also taking into consideration of other features of the generator including price, portability among others. 

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