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How about yamaha ef2000is?

How about yamaha ef2000is?

Yamaha ef2000is Features:

yamaha-ef2000is-feature How about yamaha ef2000is?

  1.Clean, high quality power
  2.New controller powers more tasks
  3.Long Run Time
  4.Twin Tech Parallel Generator Operation
  5.Quiet Operation
  6.Smart Throttle
  7.OHV Engine
  8.Easier Starting
  9.An Ounce of Prevention
  10.Fuel Gauge & Gasoline petcock
  11.50 State, Clean Emissions
  12.Centralized Control, AC/DC out

Can you use Yamaha 2000 to power other various power tools?

Yes,of course,run hot plates, air compressors, pumps, and furnaces. Even small window air conditioners,You can also used this generator to run various power tools. I use it camp for maintenance and construction,power  circular saw,any drills, vacuums, grinder, heater etc.

Best oil for yamaha ef2000is

The 10W30 oil that can handle a lot of engine pressure and help the generator to deliver a maximum level of performance. It also comes in various versions and variants to suit different needs. On the other hand, the 10W40 is designed to remove sludge and other suspended particles in the fluid inside the engine. 

In any case, the 10W40 offers more versatility and security for your engine for the Yamaha generator or inverter that you are using. So we suggest:

HONDA  08C35-A141L01 Oil  and Yamalube All Purpose 4 Four Stroke Oil 10w-40 1 Gallon Oil

honda10W40-oil How about yamaha ef2000is?

HONDA  08C35-A141L01 Oil

yamaha-oil How about yamaha ef2000is?

Yamalube All Purpose 4 Four Stroke Oil 10w-40 1 Gallon Oil

This type of oil is preferred on these generators because it does not break down easily on air-cooled generators. The fact that these generators operate at high temperatures makes the oil most suitable. This type of oil is also a detergent type of oil and therefore it prevents harmful residue from building up inside the engine. 

This oil is also packed in convenient containers and therefore they enable one to do a complete change on these three generators and have enough remaining for maintaining the all fill level. 

Synthetic oil is not recommended

Synthetic oil refers to oil that consists of chemical compounds, made artificially. The reason why synthetic oil should not be used in generators is that generators are originally suited for conventional oil. This means that they are manufactured using petroleum compounds, which are modified chemically. Synthetic oil is should not be used for generators because it is thick especially in cold temperatures. 

Therefore, in low temperatures, the oil becomes less viscous and therefore inappropriate for use in generators. Using synthetic oil in the three generators above might be challenging especially after starting the generator because it is cold and therefore the oil is highly viscous. 

Tips On Using Yamaha Generators 

When using the EF2000is Yamaha generator, we should pay attention to the oil levels since using the generator with little or no oil might damage moving and sliding parts of the engine due to excess friction. The type of oil we use should strictly be the recommended type since some types of oil affect engine parts forcing them to move slowly. Other oils contain impurities, which might lead to clogging and hence poor performance or damage. 

Yamaha Oil change

The oil change process is quite tiresome due to the lack of an oil drain. However, the manual comes with instructions on how to do it One has to place the generator on a parallel surface and warm the engine for a few minutes then turn it off. Loosen the screw and remove the cover in order to remove the oil drain joint and finally remove the oil filler. Attach the oil drain to the oil filler hole and than place an oil pan under the engine. 

Free PDFDownload a free PDF version of Yamaha Owner’s Manual. PDF contains all Yamaha EF2000iS Introduction

Since the engine is portable, tilt it to drain the oil completely. After completely emptying the oil, add new engine oil to the upper level of the filler hole while the engine is upright. It is recommended to change oil after the first gallon of fuel is depleted.

Connect two yamaha EF2000iSv2 generators,it’s easy or hard?

It is easy to connect two EF2000IS generators together in order to boost their power.

 To perform this; one needs the two generators and an inverter kit. This kit has three ends, which are two identical ends, which have three wires each, while the third is the plug. The kit enables the two generators to provide twice the power by increasing the watt amount. 

Apart from the inverter kit, an air conditioner is also required. Pairing the generators together is efficient because they create an eco-mode and ability to vary throttle depending on the amount of power required. The process is also flexible because it provides a potential backup in case one of the generators fails. in comparison to a bigger generator usually, one that provides watts equal to parallel generators, the two are fuel efficient and produce less noise. 

Using two parallel generators also enables the users to choose when to pair them depending on the amount of power required. This is not possible when one has a large generator. 

How long will one tank run for at rated power output(1600W)?

It is important that you also come to know about the general level of capacity of these generators. Let’s begin with some facts about the Yamaha EF2000iS oil capacity. Now, it can deliver a wattage of 1600 watts and the maximum can be around 2000 watts. At a full tank, it can run successfully for a total of 10.5 hours. This is a rather impressive oil capacity and this means that a lot of contingencies like sudden blackouts will be taken care of in the most effective way ever. So, there are no worries this regard. 

Does this generator have an electric start, or pull-cord start?

Pull Start,It’s easy.

Other suggestion

Yamaha EF2000IS generator manual encourages the owners to read it carefully before operating the machine. the manual basically provides the user with a good understanding concerning the operation and maintenance of the generator. it also includes a set of things that a user should avoid in order to avoid serious injury or even death.

Free PDFDownload a free PDF version of Yamaha Owner’s Manual. PDF contains all Yamaha EF2000iS Introduction

There are various tips in the manual that provide information on how to make procedures easier and clearer. the manual includes a number of images of the generator highlighting all its components. it also shows the specifications of the machine such as the weight and size. 

The manual also provides information and procedure regarding troubleshooting in case the generator fails to start or fails to produce power. Lastly, the manual provides identification number records and information that can help the owner identify the machine in case it is stolen or misplaced. The warranty sheet is also included in the manual. 

Yamaha EF2000IS problems include difficulty in replacing its 12V charging plug. This generator is also expensive compared to other models that have the same features. The generator does not come with oil as well as the oil drain plug. The generator also lacks an oil fill cap and therefore one has to remove round four screws in order to remove a plastic casing which covers the engine. 

A funnel is also required to fill the oil reservoir. it also lacks a fuel drain and therefore one has to buy additional accessories to syphon both the oil and the fuel. The shape of the generator provides poor stability since it can easily tip over especially during transportation. 

The Final Word 
Yamaha is one of the best brands out there for generators and inverters. And the EF2000iS is one of the best in the market there. So, it would be great if you knew everything about it and then went ahead and took a decision for buying it. Therefore, it is expected that these tips and suggestions will prove to be valuable for you and then you can go ahead and use this extremely useful machine. From now on, all your power problems will be solved in one shot. 

yamaha2000-300x256 How about yamaha ef2000is?

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