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I Want to buy a Household Generator

I Want to buy a Household Generator

Our experts have selected the following models of whole house generators for you that you can use to keep your life confortable. Check them out.


Kohler (20,000 Watt) is a reliable and powerful generator common in hospitals, hotels, and homes. To homes especially, the 20 kW provided by this machine is enough to keep your family warm and your electronics running all night long.

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· Corrosion proof structure: This 48 x 26.2 x 29 inch Kohler model comes in a particularly strong structure that is corrosion resistant and robust enough to even withstand powerful storms.

· Fast Response: Kohler 20RESAL generator automatically restores power within a short period of time approximately 10 seconds. This ensures that your home remains warm and powered even under the harshest weather conditions.

· Powerful: With a capacity to dispense 20 Kilowatts worth of power, Kohler home generator can handle virtually any electronic appliance available in a typical home. Moreover, it is designed to handle 200 Amps-the maximum for any standard home. 

· Quiet Operation: Unlike other similar machines, this generator conveniently operates quietly even when powering big electronics. To be precise, the noise level produced by this generator is similar to that of a typical central air system.

· Reliable Engine: Designed to offer reliable and consistent performance, this generator is fitted with a Kohler engine which is among the most powerful engines, It runs with a hydraulic valve lifter that operates quietly whilst a standard cool performance.

· Easy Installation: To simply field wiring, it comes with an exclusive load linking terminal, a standard polymer base and a locking (hinge) roof eradicating the need for a mounting pad.


· Automatically powers in ten seconds at home and quick response.

· The Kohler Air-Cooled Standby Generator supplies the 20000-watts and 240 voltages, which can be managed wholly.

· Using the new technology for engine cool down.

· Automatic transfer switched has included.

· The Kohler SiteTech software for changing system settings and update the firmware.

· For the customer satisfaction, it provides the four-year warranty.


· It is not for everyone because of it is too expensive

· Customer review is so-so but it is good quality generator


Go for the reliable, affordable and of course powerful GP7500E (electric start) generator for emergency power backup, recreational applications, and even job sites. Powerful and mighty, Generac 5943 is the Federer of all portable generators. Neither will it whine nor with perfectly designed steel tanks for its fuel and a subsequent wheel kit comprising of foldable locking handles. 

20170911132637_66223 I Want to buy a Household Generator

It is consistent in its output delivering a comprehensive 9375 watts with a consequent 7500 watts under continuous operation. And aside from being simple to maintain and manage, it is equipped with a clear control panel display, maintenance resets and an hour meter to ease operation. 

· Reliability: Generac is a popular brand when it comes to generators and it is very easy to see why. Not only do they direct their efforts on the generation of power, they are also dependable designers of engines that can withstand long continuous hours of use without dropping the consistency. It is equipped with unique cast iron made cylinders that add to their overall longevity.

· Easily Accessible operation Controls: For efficiency, home generators need to subsequently be ready to start all the time. Generac home generator comes with a maintenance reminder located on its hour meter which ensures the easy tracking of scheduled maintenance. Moreover, it is also equipped with a fuel gauge that expediently allows subsequently easy fuel monitoring. While a great number of portable generator models have their controls located at very inconvenient locations which are consequently hard to quickly access especially in Darkness-, the Generac 5943 comes with inclusive controls conveniently positioned to ease the access.

· Designed for Durability: Encased using a tough and robust steel frame, this portable home generator is perfectly designed to withstand any type of weather or any external force. Moreover, it is also integrated with corners that are impact resistant not to mention integrated brackets which give it a sturdy and durable appeal and design.


· 7500 Watt continuous power

· Silent operation

· It’s fuel efficient, hence has the power to run on vapors

· Dependable design

· Compatible with transfer power switches for all the domestic usage.


· Slightly overpriced as a result of its efficient power output

· It runs very hot


For any home that is frequently hit by power outages, then the 40346 Briggs & Stratton 20kW home generator is a reliable and powerful option that would instantly serve all house hold needs effectively. Not only does it boast among the fastest automatic response times, it is conveniently among the smallest house generators the market has to offer. Finally, not only is it rust-resistant, but its enclosures are also made from galvanneal steel which makes it a sturdy and durable option for long use.

· Exclusive Power Management System (Symphony II): By using this exclusive technology, this generator provides ample and consistent power for any household accessory. This technology can also power 2 air conditioners aside from the standard home appliances. With 20 Kilowatts power, it is ideal to run any normal household.

· Fast Time of Response: Even after a power disruption, this generator automatically works to restore power back to your home almost immediately. Moreover, it supports among the promptest test runs; therefore you can be certain it will be operational throughout the year.

· Easy Installation: While generators are generally placed away from the house, this particular machine can be used even when as close to the house as 18 inches because it is in line with the NFPA standards. Moreover, it also comes with attachments such as a switch (pre-wired) and a standard mounting pad to ease installation. Finally, this generator also includes a flexible outdoor and indoor weather defiant switch that eases the process of installation.

· Durable and strong construction: With a 48 x 34 x 31-inch dimension, this Brigg & Stratton generator model boasts a sturdy body designed to withstand any weather conditions.


Automatically power in seconds at home and quick response.
Perfect for large-sized homes, Briggs and Stratton’s generator also provides the reliable power and flexible options to meet for home essential power on demand.
Briggs & Stratton generator standby generators are powered by commercial-grade Vanguard engines which are design-engineered to dependably take on the most demandable work.

The Briggs & Stratton generator supply the 20,000-watt, which can be whole house-managed by standby system generator with 200 amp automatic transfer switch affordable powers most of the household appliances and up to two air conditioners.

4-year warranty.


It is heavy to carry
The location of the oil fill is not very suitable but with an appropriate funnel you can control it
The noise level is satisfactory higher than other generators

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