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Ways to Make a Portable Generator Quieter

Ways to Make a Portable Generator Quieter

Generators play a crucial role in your home, especially if you live in an area that experiences frequent power blackouts or you love camping in remote areas with no connection to the national grid. However, the noise generators produce can cause disturbance to family members, neighbors or fellow campers. So, is there a way to capitalize on its benefits while lowering the noise it produces is to bearable levels? Yes! Reducing generator noise is not only possible but also simple. It involves initiatives such as installing a muffler, using a generator baffle box and using a soundproof generator box. Continue reading for a detailed explanation of these and several other ways to quiet a noisy generator.

1-120x300 Ways to Make a Portable Generator Quieter

make-a-portable-generator-quieter-120x300 Ways to Make a Portable Generator Quieter

1. Using a muffler

This method involves buying a super quiet generator muffler and fixing it to the exhaust pipe. Mufflers work by allowing exhaust air to pass through while limiting noise transmission. It forces air through splitters which in turn reduces the wavelength of sound thereby reducing its loudness. So, as your generator runs the muffler absorbs noise substantially making your unit quieter. However, since mufflers come in different sizes, some even designed for motorcycles, you should exercise caution while shopping for the same to ensure you acquire the model and size that will suit your generator. Ask the dealer for some guidance on how to muffle a generator and if the model you are considering will play the role. Generally, the bigger the muffler, the greater the noise reduction it will produce.

2. Build an enclosure

Hard walled surfaces restrict noise transmission by reflecting back the sound your generator produces making it significantly quiet. So, create generator baffle boxes using hard materials such as wood. Enclose your unit in the enclosure, making sure there is sufficient installation for it to run both safely and smoothly. Generators emit harmful gases, and since you will need to refill the fuel and service it from time to time, insulation is crucial. You do not have to hire the services of a skilled carpenter to adopt this method; there are many DIY (Do It Yourself) generator quiet box plans available online for you to use. Put into consideration your generator size and any other special requirement and construct a wooden house to reduce the noise your generator produces.

 20170606133329_51144 Ways to Make a Portable Generator Quieter

3. Insulate the Enclosure

Using a hard material to build a generator noise reduction box only restricts noise within the room. So, to reduce noise as well as reverberations inside the enclosure/plant room, you must insulate the space so that it can absorb sound. So, how will you achieve this objective? There are two ways. You can line the hard generator enclosure surface with sound-absorbing materials such as hardened foam, or you can install special acoustic wall panels on the inner walls and ceiling tiles for the top. Either way, you will adequately soundproof generator box thus reducing the noise your generator produces. Use the insulating material extensively within the enclosure, and your neighbors and family members will not even realize your generator is running. This approach works equally well for generators used for camping and tailgating.

4. Install it at a Distance

Increase the distance between your generator and home, camping location, the residential area or your customers, and you’ll be surprised by how much noise you can reduce. Consequently, this method is the most affordable (since it doesn’t involve purchasing any material) yet the most effective. When you move the unit far away, the sound wave travels over a greater, and as such loses lots energy along the way. The noise that finally reaches the community contains less acoustic intensity which implies that it will be of low volume. Every time you double the distance separating the unit and yourself, you reduce the noise level by six decibels. So, place it as far as possible, taking care not to position your generator at such a distance that it’ll be at risk of theft, damage or even meddling by antagonistic individuals.

20170606134952_50321 Ways to Make a Portable Generator Quieter

5. Change the orientation of the exhaust pipe

Most people make the mistake of installing horizontal pipes that direct the noise the generator produces in a particular direction. If you are in a camp, and the exhaust accidentally points towards you or to another group, the noise can simply be unbearable. So, what is the solution? Modify the exhaust pipe to face upwards. Acquire an extension tube, bend it to face up and attach it to the end of your generator’s exhaust. Alternatively, if your generator is compact and portable, turn it around so that its exhaust is pointing upward. In such an orientation, your generator will channel the sound waves upwards, thus appearing less noise to people around it. You may only have to put up with a slight change in appearance, but the resulting substantial noise reduction is definitely worth the sacrifice.

Tips on how to avoid inconveniences of a noisy generator

• Inspect the exhaust from time to time. When soot collects along the exhaust pipe, your generator tends to produce louder noise than it usually produces. 

• Whenever possible, shop around widely, or you can even spare slightly more money to ensure you buy a quiet generator, particularly those that incorporate inverter technology.

• Avoid installing your generator on a wooden floor because the material amplifies the sound. The wood will act as a resonator essentially making your unit appear louder than it really is.


The benefits of using a generator are many. Do not allow generator noise to curtail your camping expedition, annoy your neighbors or even interfere with your sleeping pattern. With the above expertly recommended guide on how to make a generator quiet for camping, you can make your generator silent enough to use for tailgating as well as in any other setup. While some of the approaches require special gadgets such as mufflers, others are considerably less costly as they involve using locally available materials. Settle for the method that is practically possible in your situation and meets your budget. Do not forget pay attention to any precautions for your generator to run efficiently and remain safe.

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